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Fellowship of Christian Athletes Case Study

National organization dedicated to growing strong relationships between coaches, players, the community and their Christian faith.

The concept of teamwork is universal. Building camaraderie, creating positive experiences, growing together, and establishing life long relationships based on trust using Christianity as the framework is the foundation of FCA. 

This campaign is very special for many reasons. Not only does it exemplify many of the themes that we believe in and practice daily at Creative I, it also allows us to invest in our youth. 


Our relationship with the Director of The Fellowship of Christian Athletes spans over 20 years. Tim Morton is an outstanding and talented individual, community leader, coach and mentor that continues to focus his efforts on working with athletes. When he decided to become the Director of FCA Oakland, he contacted Creative I to help him build both his online and offline communities.  


Campaign Services:

Brand Strategy

Brand Positioning

Brand Identity

Brand Collateral 

Website UI/UX

Experiential Marketing

Event Marketing

Social Media 


Understanding that an incredible 20 year relationship with the Director of FCA provided us with the opportunity to work with an incredible organization and talented young athletes provided us with a one of a kind experience.

I. Strategy

To create and manage a digital and brand marketing designed to increase donor support and relations between players, coaches and the community. 

Campaign Discovery

As a n established national organization, FCA provides fellowship and resources for athletes in various cities. Each city/region provides their own respective marketing efforts to raise awareness and donor opportunities. We were contacted by the Director of FCA Oakland to establish an ongoing marketing campaign including social media management, event marketing, and website development.

Creative I Solution

We participate in weekly meetings with the Director of FCA Oakland and members of his board to plan and provide strategy for programs and events being produced throughout the year. Working with the existing FCA web platform, we designed and manage the interface using images and information provided by their team. We produce creative and marketing collateral for special projects and events along with experiential marketing development for programs including their Night of Champions Events, Annual Golf Outing, and Player Camps and Clinics.  

II. Digital Marketing

We work closely with the director of FCA Oakland and their team to build and maintain their online platform including websites updates, content creation, and creative design.  

We plan and strategize with their team to obtain images that are complimentary to their message, develop copy, and consult on content creation to be used on social media platforms. To manage the organization's YouTube channel where we host videos of special events along with the provision of event registration integration, custom event collateral and increasing the user experience and design of the site, with the goal to put FCA Oakland in a better position to engage their supporters and the community. We also revamped the sponsorship experience through a personable connection with event participants for events. 

We worked with Creative I and received expert level marketing skills and navigation of social media platforms. Creative I is detailed oriented and will go "the extra mile" to make sure that my projects are not only done well, but in a timely manner. What I appreciate most about Creative I is the dedication that they have not only to their craft but their clients as well. Their mission is to meet the needs of their clients where they are at. This requires great communication skills along with a "whatever it takes" attitude which we continue to receive from them. Thank you Creative I for working so hard for me and my organization!



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