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DBX Systems Case Study

Engineering firm that delivers broaching services and quality products including parts and systems that are reliable and turnkey

Identifying quality parts and systems in the manufacturing industry is important to consumers. With high levels of parts and service providers, DBX Systems ensures that their clients receive efficient broaching products.

Engineering firms are always great to work with. While we are often associated with the creativity, we understand the importance of systems, production and ultimately manufacturing. 

For DBX Systems, presentation is imperative when connecting with consumers. Broaching is not a term that everyone knows or understands and is industry specific. Their consummate goal is to ensure that even though they are in an industry that relies of systems development and management, that their marketing compliments products and services. Creative I gladly worked with DBX Systems to produce rebranded marketing collateral.

Campaign Services:

Brand Strategy

Brand Positioning

Brand Identity

Brand Collateral 

Promotional Marketing

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Email Marketing


DBX Systems further confirmed that creative individuals work within and fully understand system development and operations. Ultimately, the two compliment one another and should be used cohesively in both traditional and non-traditional marketing campaigns.

I. Strategy

To develop a rebranded marketing campaign for DBX Systems that would incorporate detailed information about the process of broaching, engineering systems, and a turnkey final product for consumers.

Campaign Discovery

The team at DBX Systems came to Creative I with a very direct goal. Like many of our clients, marketing collateral is sometimes created without a clear vision of the brand, product or services provided. Moreover, marketing campaigns need to be updated to compliment the growth of the company. Our discussions with DBX Systems advised that the company was looking for a professional marketing campaign that was focused on the development of a brochure that could be emailed to perspective clients. 

Creative I Solution

We focused on obtaining the content and specific information that DBX Systems wanted to communicate with their consumers. We worked closely with their team to gather images of the products that they offer in their catalog to include in the presentation. We also sourced and used professional images with the theme of engineering and manufacturing for use within the rebranded collateral. For the deliverable, we produced digital and print ready versions of presentation allowing DBX Systems the flexibility to produce the collateral based on the request of their clients. Finally, we produced an email marketing campaign for DBX Systems allowing them to send the full presentation as part of their messages direct to consumers.

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