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What We Do

Thinkers. Builders. Dreamers. Believers. That's us!

Creative Innovation Associates is an Integrated MarketingBrand Development, & Experiential Consultancy executing campaigns that engage consumers and excite audiences



(Or you can call us an agency for short)

At Creative I, we are the group of individuals that are comfortable sitting down for lunch to fully understand your brand (we'll cook for you if you'd like), jumping on the dancefloor with you to engage with your audience (no worries, we each have a signature move or two), or extensively evaluating and developing a strategy and plan of action on how we can create effective marketing solutions tailored just for you. This may or may not precede a discussion of who would really win in a battle between Batman and Superman (that itself requires heavy evaluation) or the best entertainer to grace a stage (is that a fair debate)? 


Simply put, we believe in the development of above quality relationships with our clients which extends to your consumers.  Our process is always professional and direct while becoming a member of your extended family.  We are ALWAYS ready to create amazing work with our clients!

Integrated Marketing Strategy

One of the first statements that we hear from clients is "I just don't know where to start".  This is completely understandable and exactly what we are here for. We will spend time with you to identify your audience including how they think and what they feel through conducting market research in order to form a solid brand strategy.

Developing a strategy means coming up with a solid plan of action that you and your associates agree upon that will position your business for growth. Among the themes of strategy that we will implement is ensuring that your brand is unique. 

Brand Development

Let's face it, we live in a very visually influenced world! How you look means a lot when it comes to how you are received. We create unique logos and identities that stand apart from the rest. Your identity will express who you are and the business that you love.

Parents spend quality time researching the foundation of their family and the future plans that they have for their children. The same applies for your brand. We will create an identity that will be memorable and expressive in nature allowing for you to provide long lasting stories and impressions among those with whom you engage with. 

Digital & Experiential Marketing

Many of your target and secondary audience members spend countless hours on their mobile and digital devices. 

Classically trained and competent on just how your brand experience can elevate your efforts part of the Creative I foundation. Waiting for your audience to come to you is not the approach that we take. We work with you to conceptualize the right experience that will engage your audience through your digital platform. From website creation and management, product launches, pop up shops, corporate meetings and networking mixers, your brand will be the center of attention.

Campaign Management

From the white board phase of establishing your short term and long term goals through the point of launch for your brand to the public, I am versed in muti-level campaign development. I will work with you directly to conceptualize an integrated, effective and engaging campaign that creates conversation and call to action. 

We are not your typical marketing company that sits behind a desk and makes suggestions.We will collaborate with you as your art director, produce photo and video shoots, formulate the verbiage for your brochure and other marketing collateral, or put on our dancing shoes to get your crowd on the dance floor during your launch. No matter the task, the right content will reach your audience.


Launching a new brand? Need help refreshing your existing brand? Looking for someone to speak to your group on brand development and integrated marketing?  We Would Love To Hear From you!  

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