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Just Be Organic Smoothie Bar


1 Cup With Fruit and Business Card.png

Just Be Organic Smoothie Bar
Case Study

Many people in our world focus on physical health and maintaining areas of such as diet, exercise, and general fitness. When considering areas of growth, it is important to focus on what we consume by way of foods and beverages. Just Be Organic Smoothies provides healthy food and beverages to consumers through fun and tasty menu items.

When Just Be Organic Smoothies contacted our team to discuss their need for marketing services while developing their new smoothie store, we jumped on board immediately. A business that is focused on providing healthy alternatives through food and beverage is certainly needed so we were more than happy to help. As a new company they entrusted our team to develop their imaging, digital marketing, conceptual product design and ultimately general marketing consulting. platform. The result was the successful launch of a marketing campaign in conjunction with the opening of their store. 

Campaign Services

Brand Strategy

Brand Positioning

Brand Identity

Brand Collateral 

Website UI/UX

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


Healthy menu options while using organically based products is not only great for the environment but attractive to consumers. Working with Just Be Organic Smoothies and sharing their vision has been great.

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I. Strategy

To create a marketing campaign via a digital platform (i.e. website) that would present the product and services of a healthy food and beverage brand that showcases various options through a full menu. 

Campaign Discovery

Just Be Organic Smoothies needed a website that would introduce their brand, product and services to consumers. Creating a marketing campaign for a food and beverage company that is specifically focused on healthy options means fully understanding the menu of the establishment and how consumers will connect with their products. The owners shared with us that they were looking for our direction on image direction, product presentation, color scheme and menu presentation. While we have worked with other food and beverage brands, we created a custom design along with custom images specifically for their marketing campaign. 

Creative I Solution

We sourced various high-quality images and collages of fruits and vegetables, salads, along with product engagement in order to highlight the brand. We used bright colors along with the brand's signature "green" color to invoke positive emotion and the themes of healthy living. We worked with a bold typography that would stand within the website. We provided brand strategy and creative direction to develop brand promotional images as part of the backdrop of the website including banners, slideshows, and products. 

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