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Rampent De Accessories Case Study

Talented group of young women that provides unique accessories for special occasions

Putting together the right look for a night out with friends, a corporate meeting, or your first date with that special someone is important. Rampent De Accessories developed an online presence to provide unique items especially for women.

Rampent De Accessories seeks to make the world of earrings, necklaces, sunglasses and the like more than an after thought but the first thing you think about when planning your next look. Instead of being just another kiosk at your favorite mall, the ladies provide unique items featured online that will accent your look. These ladies are forward thinking in producing special events to promote their items and ultimately to stay connected to their consumers. The ladies at Rampent believe in making accessories fun and exciting which can be seen in the brand that we created for them. 


Campaign Services:

Brand Strategy

Brand Positioning

Brand Identity

Brand Collateral 

Promotional Marketing


Much like a marketing campaign even the minor details are important! When a brand accessorizes it really makes them stand out in a crowd. We had a blast created this campaign for Rampent De Accessories.

I. Strategy

To create a fun and vibrant brand for a group of professional young women that will accentuate their goal of providing beautiful accessories for women.

Campaign Discovery

When we spoke with the wonderful ladies at Rampent De Accessories we knew that we had to create a vibrant brand that would compliment their company culture. Our conversations were full of energy and the ladies shared that they wanted this same excitement to be displayed in their brand. We discussed themes, color schemes, and the future of their brand which we believe will be very successful.

Creative I Solution

Our goal was to create a brand that would resonate with the hearts and minds of consumers. We consulted with the client and developed a free flowing brand with silhouettes of fashionable women complimented by shades of purple. We provided promotional material collateral for the ladies to use for special events with plans to upgrade their digital marketing platform and develope an experiential marketing campaign.   

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