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SoCal Syndication Workshops Case Study

Phoenix, Arizona and San Diego, California investment team provides special training to individuals seeking to learn how to build, structure and manage multifamily investment property deals

The world of investments can be extremely difficult to navigate. With so many potential opportunities in the marketplace, knowing where to start, who to work with, and ultimately when to invest contributes to success. SoCal Syndication takes this challenge head on

The question that we hear often no matter what the industry may be is, "where do I start?" This question alone can result in misdirection, wasting time, and losing money. SoCal Syndication conducts training workshops that allow people that live in San Diego and surrounding areas to receive guided and proven information including underwriting, analyzing properties, and structuring deals to maximize their investment. SoCal has experienced exponential growth by taking their investment knowledge and transferring it into successful entrepreneurs.

Campaign Services:

Brand Strategy

Brand Positioning

Brand Identity

Brand Collateral 

Website UI/UX

Experiential Marketing

Event Marketing

Social Media Management
Social Media Advertising 


It is no secret that sales and marketing compliment each other. Real estate investments is a very lucrative field to which we were proud to lend our marketing expertise to an extremely successful group of individuals. 

I. Strategy

To build a sales driven and lead capturing platform for two separate campaigns within one investment firm. While the focus of all companies is to generate sales, our goal was to integrate effective marketing into their mix to maximize their reach and conversion rate with consumers.

Campaign Discovery

We are no stranger to the importance of sales. Without effective sales a business will experience very little growth. As a conglomerate, Whitehaven Capital contacted Creative I to develop a marketing campaign that would be centerted around experiential and digital marketing. The team at Whitehaven provided us with a scope of what they were looking to accomplish which included allowing consumers to visit a newly developed website that provided information regarding upcoming workshops and training seminars coupled with promotional marketing that included print and social media advertising. 

Creative I Solution

The team at Whitehaven Capital made it very clear that they were providing Creative I with the freedom to do what we do best, CREATE! Our campaign featured two stand alone websites. The first website designed to market their training seminars. The second website has a platform designed to allow consumers to register for an 8 session digital training course. Both websites feature online registration, e-commerce, and brand marketing for the investment firm. We produced an integrated marketing campaign to compliment the digital component which included social media marketing, advertising, and print collateral to be used at San Diego meet up events which the members of Whitehaven Capital attend to network and create additional business opportunities. 

II. Digital Marketing

Our build out for the digital marketing campaign required very close attention to detail and ultimately understanding both the primary and secondary target markets for the investment firm. It was imperative for the website and social media campaigns to connect with individuals just getting started in multifamily investments as well as experienced professionals looking to grow their portfolio.  


For the digital campaign, we worked with images that were complimentary to their established brand as well as images of property produced and managed by Whitehaven Capital. Their team provided direction on color scheme, theme, and content that they wanted to see represented. Layout, artistic direction, and digital platform creation was left to our Creative I team to develop. The result was two individual websites and social media advertising campaigns with increased sales leads and training seminar participants. 

Working with Creative I was truly a pleasure. We needed a quick turn around on a major campaign. Website, Facebbok page, Facebook Advertising, Marketing Campaign Management, and Creative Design. We were beyond impressed with their work and speed at which they customized and delivered our campaign. They have our business moving forward!

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