We elevate brands through integrated strategy, powerful storytelling and unique experiences





Developing a successful strategy, task efficiency and delivering tailor-made end products while focusing on creativity by listening to the goals and initiatives set forth by our clients and their customers are the foundation of all things while working with Creative Innovation Associates.

Services Include:

- Business Development

- Research and Discovery

- Content Strategy

- Resourcing

- Communications Strategy

- Campaign Development

- User Experience


We believe in the idea of establishment of foundation. What would a campaign look like with little or no understanding of the business, market, or consumer? We've seen it and it's not attractive. So we jump right in, roll up our sleeves and do everything from brainstorming sessions with your business to management interviews to get right down to what you want and need. Then we analyze this information, develop a prospectus and blueprint, and look into how it all translates for your brand.


It's true that failing to plan is planning to fail. During our planning phase, we take a good look at the BIG picture; applying our talent, skill and knowledge into a defined set of goals, personas, and an overall strategic vision. We stick to the plan while adjusting to the needs of the client.  Our plan always includes becoming a member of your extended family. With a solid agreement and plan in place, we’ll work together to focus, push one another, and strive for continued success.


We absolutely love the creative process! Our team lives and breathes all things CREATIVE.  We believe that our best work comes from a unique and genuine connection with our clients which comes from our passion for design and development.  It is here where we Creation of design, layout and mockups in an effort to develop the marketing deliverables that will be presented for external use. 


We recall the rush of reading articles in our favorite teen magazines where artists talked about their new projects, athletes that were releasing new shoes, and the excitement of seeing a new product on a shelf.  Our team consistently strives for this level of excitement with every campaign launch.  Our goal is to transfer the same level of excitement throughout the entire process from our team to yours and directly to your audience. We will work seamlessly with your brand to achieve success.


We are constantly evaluating the work that we produce both internally with your company (how your business is responding) and externally (how your audience is receiving the content and message).  Our goal is to always move forward and pursue growth with your brand and future projects. We have utilize tools to evolve your brand, creating higher quality experiences and conversations with your audience. 


Launching a new brand? Need help refreshing your existing brand? Looking for someone to speak to your group on brand development and integrated marketing?  We Would Love To Hear From you!